Q: Can I browse the web and use my phone at the same time with VoIP?

A: Good question! Yes, you can browse the web while you’re using your phone with VoIP, as long as your internet connection is fast enough. If you have a sufficiently high-speed internet connection, your VoIP system should be able to handle the call without affecting quality while you are browsing the web. The speed recommended varies by provider, but almost every VoIP provider agrees that a connection of at least 256 kbps (both upload and download speed) will be enough to support normal internet use and a high-quality VoIP phone call.

While a standard telephone connection creates a constant connection between the two parties, VoIP uses a technology called “packet switching” to break your conversation up into chunks, which it sends across your internet connection to be re-assembled on the other end. This process happens much too quickly for you to hear any difference in quality of the sound, but allows the VoIP system to send your conversation much more efficiently, leaving room for other internet activity at the same time and saving bandwidth.

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