Carbonite and Mozy are both excellent online backup services. So which one should you choose? There are minor differences in each service that may sway you to choose one over the other. Let’s take a look at three key factors so you can pick the perfect one for you:

1. Price. Rather than just looking at the dollar sign and number, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting for the price.

With the NextAdvisor discount, Carbonite will cost you $53.10 for a year. Your plan will include unlimited storage for one computer, meaning you can backup all of your computer files, and keep adding to your backup without bounds.

When you use our coupon code (NEXT) with Mozy, you can get 50 GB for 1 computer for $56.01 per year or 125 GB for up to 3 computers for $93.41 per year. Each additional computer is $2 extra per month and additional storage in increments of 20 GB is also $2 extra per month.

As you can see, if you only need to backup 1 computer, Carbonite is the obvious winner with its cheaper price for unlimited storage. However, if you want to backup up to 3 computers, you should consider Mozy, since Carbonite will cost you a full subscription for every computer you want to back up.

2. Interface. On the Mac, Carbonite‘s and Mozy‘s interface  is pretty identical. They both use the Preferences application to host the settings and functions. If you’re used to toggling preferences on your Mac, using each service’s interface is very intuitive.

On the other hand, their PC interfaces differ a bit. In the setup process, Carbonite really takes you through each step, not passing over any details. Mozy is geared a bit more towards advanced users, but there’s nothing really too difficult that would deter most users. If we had to choose which overall look we like better, Mozy‘s way of displaying your backed up files is a little more organized than Carbonite‘s. Each of the services’ interfaces are intuitive and easy to use. We have nothing negative to say about either of them.

Mozy for Mac

3. Extra Features. Both services save multiple versions of your files. For an additional cost, both have a Courier Recovery/Data Shuttle service, where users will be sent a physical copy of their backup.

In general, Mozy has some more included features in their plans. If you want to be able to sync files and folders across multiple computers, their Stash feature can give you the perks of cloud storage included in your plan. Mozy can also backup your external drive, while this feature is only included in Carbonite‘s HomePlus or HomePremiere plans. Unfortunately, these premium Carbonite plans are currently only available for PC users. Mozy wins in the extra features category.

Carbonite is the overall winner in this online backup challenge thanks to its great value. It is the perfect solution for those who simply need a solid online backup provider that can backup their entire computer. For those who are interested in backing up more than one computer, and who like the idea of syncing folders and files across multiple computers, definitely consider Mozy. You really can’t go wrong with either of these services. Click any of the links in this post to read our full reviews on each service. Make sure to also check out our full online backup comparison page to see how these services stack up against other online backup.