Q: Will the Orchard Bank credit card help improve my credit?

A:¬† Yes, the Orchard Bank credit card can help improve or rebuild your credit history but you’ll have to do your part too. By reporting your credit card payment history to all 3 credit bureaus, Orchard Bank can help boost your credit. And it will show up on your credit reports looking like any other “regular” credit card (even if it’s a secured card). However, you need to practice good payment behaviour by making your payments on time. Just like any other credit card, if you don’t make your monthly payments in a timely manner it could adversely affect your credit.

What makes the Orchard Bank Mastercard (or Visa) special is that it was specifically designed for people with bad or limited credit. That means that if your credit history precludes you from being eligible for other cards, the Orchard Bank is right up your alley. Orchard Bank’s unique application process pre-qualifies you for either an unsecured or secured credit card, based on your credit history. And don’t worry, your credit score won’t be affected by applying.

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