Q: I’m afraid that if I were to loose my hard drive completely, I wouldn’t be able to find and load all the programs I use. I’d like to know what service to purchase so that my backup includes a “mirror image” of my hard drive?

A: Online Backup services work hard to save all of your important files, making sure that you will never lose them permanently. In the event of a data loss catastrophe such as a computer crash, these services will help you restore all of your files with ease.

Though all of the online backup services we review keep your files safe and can restore everything back to normal, we  recommend the Carbonite HomePlus plan and HomePremier plan if you specifically want a “mirror image” taken of your hard drive. This feature creates a mirror image of your PC every 24 hours, which includes your operating system, settings, programs, files, and folders as of a specific date.  This service is  intended for people repairing a crashed PC and not replacing it because installing a mirror image of your last PC on a new computer can cause some instability due to system differences. After your initial mirror image is completed and saved onto your external hard drive, your Carbonite info center will display snapshots and information about when your last mirror image was finished.

Carbonite Mirror Image

If computer disaster strikes and all of your files are lost, the mirror image feature is a great way to restore everything back to exactly how it was. Carbonite has a great tutorial on their site on exactly how to restore your computer using the mirror image service. To read more about Carbonite and their various plans, read the full review here!