In the world of online dating, sometimes you want to make an impression fast. That’s when a pickup line might be able to help you. The folks over at Top Dating Sites have posted their ten favorite pickup lines for online dating. But let’s be real: Many of them probably wouldn’t get a response (“What’s your sign?” Really?). We decided to compile our top pickup lines for the online dating world:

1. “I also love (fill in the blank)!”

This shows that you’ve actually looked at his or her profile. But make sure you’re being truthful. If you can’t find a common interest, maybe you should click on to the next match.

2. “At first, I thought your profile picture was a stock photo!”

Here’s an offbeat way to compliment your intended on both photography skills and looks. Naturally, you’ll want to follow with a short explanation (“I love the shadows in your photo” or “What camera did you use?”).

3. “Did it hurt when you fell into my inbox?”

Many dating sites, such as, can email you with updates on your matches. This is a variation on “Did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?” that promises at least to put a smile on the reader’s face.

4. “Go to the kitchen, pour yourself a drink, and pretend I just bought it for you.”

Cute, right? A lot of sites, like FriendFinder, allow you to “flirt” — that is, send virtual winks, smiles, waves, and so on. This line takes that idea a step further and maybe even foreshadows a date in the future.

5. “I’m sorry; I accidentally deleted your last email. Would you remind resending?”

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a response of “I didn’t send you an email.” Then you’ll reply with “Well, now that we’re emailing, you can!”

Remember that the most surefire way to get a response to your message is to show a sincere interest in the other person. The best pickup line is not a pickup line at all but a well-formulated expression of your curiosity.