The following is an actual user-submitted question:

Q. Which dating sites have the most users over age 60, especially males?

A. We checked the information on all of the dating websites we’ve reviewed. The top three we recommend for you—and anyone else looking for a man over 60—are listed below. Here’s what we found: This online dating site has the largest proportion of singles over age 50, and even larger over 65. However, only 49% of its users are men.

eHarmony: Surprisingly, eHarmony does a bit worse on the male user percentage: 43%. It boasts more users over 50 than but fewer than

FriendFinder: If you’re looking for a man around 60, FriendFinder is the place to be. While representation drops off slightly after 65, the population here is overwhelmingly male (53%).

So if you’re dating online and looking for a male match over age 60, you should start with If that doesn’t work out for you, your next steps ought to be eHarmony and FriendFinder. Good luck!