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Q: A little over a month ago my purse was stolen. In this last week I have received several calls from creditors regarding old accounts. How do I find out if someone is trying to open accounts in my name?

A: We’re sorry to hear this. If you’re receiving calls about activity on accounts you haven’t used in a while, there’s a good chance someone may be using items stolen from your purse for identity theft. We’ve written a couple of other blog posts that you may find helpful, and we’ll include those links below. Most importantly, you need to see what’s going on with your credit report, and protect yourself from any future financial hardship. An identity theft protection service like Trusted ID or Identity Guard can help you do both. You may also want to order a credit freeze, to prevent further damage, as outlined in the article below, “What to do if someone has stolen your identity.”

Also, if you’re receiving calls about old accounts, it’s a good idea not to give the caller any information. Tell them you’ll call them back. It’s possible these people aren’t who they say they are. Find the phone number of the creditor in question by using the contact information on your old statements (or via the company’s website), and call them to confirm what’s going on, and put a hold on those accounts.

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