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Q: I’m a lifetime [Weight Watchers] member but I have not attended for a long time. I would like to join again. How does the lifetime membership work, are you charged for not attending a meeting or are you charged only for the meetings that you attend?

A: Weight Watchers meetings members who reach their goal weight and maintain that goal weight within two pounds for six consecutive weeks are awarded lifetime memberships. Lifetime members may attend Weight Watchers meetings at no charge, as long as they remain no more than two pounds above their goal weight.

Once you have reached lifetime member status, you will always be a lifetime member and will never have to pay another registration fee. You must weigh in at your first meeting of every month, and if you weigh more than two pounds more than your goal weight, you’ll be charged the weekly fee. You will not be expected to pay for missed meeting unless you have not weighed in within a one month period. You are always eligible for lifetime benefits, and depending on your location, you may be eligible for discounted fees.

If you have misplaced your lifetime member number, you can call Weight Watchers at 800-651-6000, or by filling out a request form at

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