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Q: One thing I’m concerned about is the vast amount of info I have in Microsoft Office. Is Carbonite able to store Outlook files (addresses, phone numbers etc.) and email?

A: Yes, Carbonite can store Outlook files. By default, Carbonite will back up everything in your Documents and Settings folder. Once you purchase an account, it will also back up your music files. However, you can manually add anything you like to your Carbonite backup.

All of your Outlook data is stored in a single file, called a PST file. This file contains your email, your calendar and your contacts, among other information. The location of this file varies depending on which version of Outlook you have. If you open the “tree view” of your Outlook folders, each top level items, normally called “Personal Folders” or “Outlook Today,” represents a different PST file. Right click on the folder and select “Properties.” Then click on the “Advanced” button. This will bring up a window that tells you the folder’s name and filename. The filename will include the full path to the PST. Once you know where your PST is located, you can manually add it to your regular Carbonite backup.

You could also back up your PST file with any other online backup service, although since these files can become rather large, it is most convenient to use a service such as Carbonite, Mozy or ElephantDrive, which all offer unlimited storage space.

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