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Q: Both my wife and I are retired, use different computers for our home uses and from the same site. We also share emails accounts. Question. Can we buy one subscription [of Carbonite] to back up both our computers?

A: Carbonite is priced on a per computer basis. That means that each computer that needs to be backed up will need a separate subscription. If you have two computers that you would like to backup then you will need two Carbonite subscriptions. We would still advise purchasing two subscriptions of Carbonite even if you share the same email account because there are likely other important files on each of your computers that should be backed up.

We believe that Carbonite is an excellent value at just $54.95 per year per user. That works out to just about $9.20 per month for two users which is likely significantly less then you would spend in time and money on replacing lost files, music and videos in the case of a hard drive failure.

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