Q: Does signing up for LifeLock cover my spouse? If not, does LifeLock offer a special discount for married couples?

A: Each LifeLock membership only covers the named subscriber, so your spouse would not be covered by LifeLock’s identity theft protection service unless you both subscriber. There are no special discounts offered to married couples, but NextAdvisor.com has negotiated a special discount and free trial exclusively for our readers.

If you and your spouse sign up for LifeLock through this link you will receive a special 11% discount and a free 30 day trial of the service. LifeLock makes it easy for couples and families to sign up together. You can sign up your significant other and even children for the LifeLock service on one single application form on their website.

To sign up for LifeLock, simply click here or visit our review of LifeLock to learn more about the identity theft protection service.