[Editor’s Note: Commenting on this post with the URL of a Facebook page will not result in that page being reported or removed. You must file your report with Facebook directly.]

A recent commenter on our Facebook identity theft protection guide asked how to report someone who has created a fake Facebook profile in her name. After doing some quick research, we found that Facebook makes it fairly easy to report a fake profile.

If you already have a Facebook account simply visit the Facebook “Report a Fake Profile” page and enter the requested information.

If you don’t have a Facebook account you can ask a friend that does have an account to report the fake page on your behalf. Alternatively, you can send an email to “login@facebook.com”. Briefly explain that a fake profile has been created in your name and provide your contact information so that a member of the Facebook support team may contact you to investigate the matter further.

Someone setting up a fake Facebook profile in your name may be a sign of even more serious identity theft. Read our Facebook identity theft protect guide and guide to identity theft protection services to learn more.