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A pleasant quote experience and slightly better than average prices makes Geico a solid choice

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Geico is well known for its gecko, its former cavemen "spokespeople" and its entertaining commercials, but the company has a rich history that goes much further back. Originally founded in 1936 as an insurance company for government employees and military personnel, Geico actually stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. Since 1936 it has grown into a company that serves over 9 million auto policyholders from all walks of life. Geico's financial strength has been rated as excellent by several independent companies. We test drove their website and quote process to evaluate the complete customer experience.


To gauge the pricing of the reviewed auto insurance companies, we created three different profiles: a 29-year-old, a 37-year-old and a 65-year-old. All three profiles were of single men who drove a 2010 Audi Quatro. We then acquired quotes for minimum coverage in two different cities: San Francisco, CA (urban) and Basking Ridge, NJ (residential). While we strongly recommend you purchase more than minimum coverage, we did this to establish a pricing baseline in both urban and suburban areas. The pricing you see above is averaged between the rates of both cities within each age group. Geico performed very respectably, providing better than average pricing when compared to the other auto insurance companies.

Shopping Experience

The Geico website is oriented towards customers and features a user-friendly quote machine. During the quote process the participant is asked standard information such as name, address, auto information, employment and driving history. When information is entered Geico searches its databases to match your entries with money saving information. For example, we chose to receive a quote on a 2010 Audi A4. After entering our auto information we were informed our car has an anti-theft device and asked if it also had a "vehicle recovery system" (ie, "LoJack"). The site then advised us that the anti-theft device could save us money on our quote. This happened several times throughout the quoting process. On the last page of the quote we were asked several additional questions ("Do you belong to an Alumni Association", etc) to help us get the lowest rate on our quote.

We found the complete data entry process to be easy and straightforward. If you have any questions each section has a link to more information. You can also request that an agent call you with the click of a button. When we used this service we were connected with an agent in under 10 seconds.

At the end of the quote process an estimated quote is displayed on screen and you are emailed the quote information. You are able to customize your quote by adding or removing features from the insurance plan such as your Bodily Injury Liability coverage and the Collision Deductible amount. Once again, if you have questions about each feature you only need to click the "?" link to get more information. You can also have an agent call you at any time.

Bottom Line

The entire Geico quote process was clear-cut and quick. Customers agree with us, giving Geico top scores for their buying experience. We also found Geico's quotes to be in line with other auto insurance companies. Customer claim satisfaction, based a JD Power survey, is on the average side and has been so for the past several years. However, customers expressed a high satisfaction level with the overall Geico auto insurance offering. We did too, finding Geico to be our top choice for auto insurance.

Geico offers auto insurance in the following states:

All states except Massachusetts

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Service Details

Claim Contact Options:Via online form or phone
Estimated Quote*:29 yr man = $51/mo
37 yr man = $49/mo
65 yr man = $42/mo
Shopping Experience:Easy and quick, with top scores from customers
Claim Satisfaction**:
Overall Satisfaction**:

*Quote prices are from July 2016, and were based on quotes received for three different age groups in San Francisco, CA and Basking Ridge, NJ; a 29-year-old, a 37-year-old and a 65-year-old. Prices reflect the averaging of quotes within each age group for minimum coverage, and all quotes were for a single male driving a 2010 Audi A4 Quatro. Driver clocked 11,000 annual miles on the car and had a clean driving record.

**Based on JD Power and Associates 2015/2016 Ratings

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