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Provides mid-range customer satisfaction levels; lengthy quote process; somewhat pricey

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Allstate is a Fortune 100 company and one of the largest insurers in the nation. Founded in 1931, Allstate went on to become a publicly traded company in 1993. They are commonly associated with the "You're In Good Hands" slogan and currently have nearly $105 billion in total assets. Allstate's financial stability has been rated as "excellent" by several independent companies.


To help determine how Allstate pricing ranked against other auto insurance companies, we created three different driver profiles. We then acquired minimum liability quotes for two different cities: San Francisco, CA and Basking Ridge, NJ. The driver profiles were for a single male, ages 29, 37 and 65. All the profiles were for a client with a clean driving record who drove a 2010 Audi Quattro. We then averaged the quotes by age group to come up with the prices listed above. Allstate's quotes were fairly comparable to the other companies we reviewed for an urban area (San Francisco), but slightly more expensive for a more residential area (Basking Ridge). We found this difference to be rather puzzling, but as insurance quotes have more mystery behind them than a Houdini trick, we weren't able to deduce the reason.

Shopping Experience

Allstate's website is very customer friendly and gives you several choices to obtain a quote: online, via the phone or from a local Allstate agent. We elected to use their online quote system for convenience sake, although Allstate says that a local or phone agent will provide the same pricing. The entire online quote and shopping experience is also available in Spanish for native speakers.

Their quote form gathered all the standard information: driver statistics, vehicle information, driving history and address. However, their vehicle questions were a bit more specific than other providers, asking things like the date you purchased your car (if you own) and the odometer mileage. In fact, the sheer number of questions combined with an awkwardly formatted quote process meant that Allstate was the most time consuming quote to complete.

Similar to other insurance quote sites, Allstate asks questions during the quote process that may make you eligible for a further discount on your insurance. We highly recommend answering these questions as they could save you a considerable amount on your insurance premium.

If you have questions, additional information is easily obtained. The right-hand side of the quote form provides detailed material about each field you need to fill out, clearly explaining the reasons Allstate needs each piece of data and what it is for. It also features 3 different ways to get real-time answers to your questions: an option for them to call you, a phone number for you to call, and an agent locator if you'd prefer to sign up through an agent. Finally, there is a pop-up that displays if there is a lag between keyboard clicks asking if you'd like more help.

At the end of the process your final quote is displayed. You are given a variety of options, which enable you to adjust the quote for more or less coverage, set your payment options and edit your insurance start date. It also clearly displays the discounts you qualified for and indicates the total savings you received. There are even alternate quotes presented, showing you the range of prices Allstate offers given different coverage options.

Bottom Line

Allstate customers stated they had "average" satisfaction with the manner their claims were handled, per several JD Powers Claims Satisfaction Surveys. They also expressed "average" satisfaction with their overall auto insurance policies, although in the past year that has fallen slightly below average. Price-wise, Allstate was oddly more expensive for a residential-oriented city than other companies. Among the companies we reviewed, their quoting process was one of the more detail oriented and prolonged. Given all this, Allstate seems to be an "average" choice, but price-sensitive customers may want to shop around to see if they can get a better deal.

Compare to Other Auto Insurance

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Service Details

Claim Contact Options:Via online form, the phone or your agent
Estimated Quote*:29 yr man = $52/mo
37 yr man = $48/mo
65 yr man = $41/mo
Shopping Experience:Non-intuitive flow and lengthy, but you won't miss a discount
Claim Satisfaction**:
Overall Satisfaction**:

*Quote prices are from July 2016, and were based on quotes received for three different age groups in San Francisco, CA and Basking Ridge, NJ; a 29-year-old, a 37-year-old and a 65-year-old. Prices reflect the averaging of quotes within each age group for minimum coverage, and all quotes were for a single male driving a 2010 Audi A4 Quatro. Driver clocked 11,000 annual miles on the car and had a clean driving record.

**Based on JD Power and Associates 2015/2016 Ratings

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