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Trevor Wallis is a personal finance writer who teaches people to responsibly use credit cards to enhance their lives. When he isn’t writing, you’ll find him roasting coffee in St. Louis, MO, where he lives with his wife and newborn son.

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How to Do a Balance Transfer with Capital One

A balance transfer credit card is an excellent tool to help you dig your way out of credit card debt. By choosing a new credit card with a great intro APR and low balance transfer fees, you can pay off your credit card debt much faster without increasing your monthly payment
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What to Do When Your Balance Transfer is Denied

Many people turn to a balance transfer to get out of credit card debt more quickly. You can often find a better interest rate or better terms to pay off your card with a balance transfer, but applying for a balance transfer with bad credit puts you at risk of being
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How to Do a Balance Transfer with Citi

If you’re paying down your credit card debt, a balance transfer can help lift the burden of interest and supercharge your payments. By transferring your credit card balance from one card with a high interest rate to another credit card with a low APR on balance transfers, you can
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