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Charlotte Edwards is an educator-turned-freelance writer based in Beijing, China. She writes personal finance and parenting content for both digital and print publications around the world. You will find her work on sites including The Penny Hoarder, Money Under 30, Work and Money, Incomes Abroad, Hawaii Parent and Tianjin Today. When not writing, you can find her spending time with her husband and two kids, or using her education degree to teach English as a Second Language.

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Capital One Purchaser Eraser Guide

Few credit cards boast the flexibility and convenience of a rewards redemption feature like the Capital One Purchase Eraser. There’s no need to calculate miles or transfer them to partner airlines to get a great deal on travel. You simply use your card to earn miles and
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Credit Card Convenience Checks Guide

Credit card convenience checks, also known as credit card checks, are a benefit issued by credit card companies to cardholders. They are often sent out with your monthly statement. The checks however incur a cost upon using them. Continue reading to find out the pros and cons
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Best Credit Cards for Married Couples

One of the more practical benefits of marriage is you and your spouse combine things; you’re no longer operating two sets of households with the requisite expenses. Another area you can combine and save time and money is with your finances. Maybe you’ve done that already, but
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Capital One Transfer Partners

For those who love to travel, do so often or just wish they could afford to travel more, there are a few Capital One travel rewards cards that are worth serious consideration. The Capital One Travel rewards program — this issuer’s travel rewards program — is quite
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What You Should Know About Instant Approval Credit Cards

What do you do when you need a new credit card but don’t have time or patience to wait for an offer or approval to come in the mail? Instant approval credit cards are the answer. With an instant approval online credit card, you’ll apply and find
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Pros and Cons of Business Cards for Personal Use

Quite a few credit cards offer excellent sign up bonuses, and it can be tempting to take advantage of these bonuses to help maximize the rewards you earn. It’s not just personal credit cards that offer them, either. Business credit cards often come with enticing perks and
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How to Build Business Credit

Just like each person has a credit score, each business has its own credit score. While this is not reported or calculated exactly like your personal credit score, there are similarities. Your creditors may report your payments to the credit bureaus, and establishing a good history of
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