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NextAdvisor is a free consumer information website that offers unbiased reviews and ratings of different online and financial services including credit cards, identity theft protection, and credit monitoring.

Picking the right service can be a challenge, as it takes a lot of research to determine which one is best for you. That’s where NextAdvisor comes in. To help our readers make the best decisions for their wallets and needs, we provide them with a complete, in-depth breakdown of every service we review. We also regularly report news, conduct industry analysis, provide advice and much more on our blog. And since the various service offerings we review are constantly changing, we not only keep an eye out for any changes, but also continuously work to keep our content up to date.

How do we conduct our reviews?

To make sure we’re providing the most accurate information, we thoroughly research each and every aspect of the services we review. If possible, our editors will sign up for a service to make sure we’re experiencing the same things a new user would experience. Once we have all the information we think you need to know, we write up an in-depth review and determine its rating. We then rank all of the services in a given category based on that rating and our thorough analysis.

How does NextAdvisor make money?

Unlike some of our competitors who determine a service’s ranking based on how much an advertiser pays them, our reviews and rankings are completely based on our editorial analysis. In order to support our site, in many cases we are compensated when someone clicks from our site and becomes a customer of a service we review. However, you can rest assured that the results of our analyses, tools, reviews, ratings and blog posts are based on objective, data-driven evaluations of each service on our site — they are not affected or influenced by any compensation we may receive. That said, we do not review all products in a given category, and compensation may impact which products we review and write about.

Want to learn more?

Check out the NextAdvisor blog to learn all about our latest research, or click here to see what online services and credit cards we review.

If you're a NextAdvisor reader who wants to get more information about an online service or credit card we review, contact us here.

Service providers who think they’re a fit for our site, or who want to contact us for any other reason can do so here.

Members of the media looking to get more information or insight on our reviews or research can contact us by emailing pr@nextadvisor.com or clicking here.

NextAdvisor is based in Burlingame, California. Our address is:

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Advertiser Disclosure: NextAdvisor is a consumer information site that offers free reviews and ratings of online services. Many of the companies whose services we review provide us compensation when someone who clicks from our site becomes their customer. This is how we make money to support our site. The results of our analyses, calculators, reviews and ratings are based on objective quantitative and qualitative evaluation of all the cards on our site and are not affected by any compensation NextAdvisor may receive. Compensation may impact which products we review and write about and where those products appear. We do not review all products in a given category. All opinions expressed on this site are our own.