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Simple website builder; somewhat limited template selection; multilingual capabilities; lacking in some of the features that similar services offer to users

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Voog, formerly known as Edicy, changed its name and did a complete makeover in 2014. Now, the website building company, which is based in Estonia, hosts a very modern, colorful interface that is visually appealing. It claims to create "beautiful websites that speak foreignese." This refers to its ability to translate your website into a number of different languages, which is available with all of Voog's plans.

Plans and Pricing

Voog offers a free 30-day trial and requires no initial credit card information to complete sign up. Only after your trial period is up will you be required to supply your billing and payment information (if you decide to keep the service). It's important to note that when you sign up for the trial, Voog will automatically set you up on the Plus plan, which is the more expensive option. You can change this at any time under your account settings.

Standard Plan
The Standard plan costs $8/month with an annual subscription or $11/month if you choose to pay monthly. It offers "everything for your first simple Voog site," with 2 GB of storage, three users, 30 pages and three languages.

Plus Plan
"Full throttle, more space [and] awesome customization" is what you get with the Plus plan, as well as 10 GB of storage, unlimited users, pages and languages and databases for product catalogues. The plus plan costs $18/month or $14/month if you sign up for one year.

Both plans feature custom domains for an additional cost — or the option to import your domain for free — fully customizable designs, mobile optimization, password protected pages, API access and developer tools and free SEO with Google and Bing webmaster tools. You can also use paid advertisements with Google AdWords if you wish.

Getting Started

To start using Voog, simply click on the "start free trial" icon, select a design template and enter your email, password and domain name, which will automatically include ".voog.com" in the URL until you buy or import a different domain. After you select a design and provide your log in credentials, you're automatically signed into your new account. You will also receive a welcome email that includes this information, a log-in link and a link to learn how to launch your website.

Creating Your Website

While there are different choices for the templates, such as a restaurant or an online store, the options are very limited when compared to other website building services that we review. You only have 10 different designs to choose from with Voog, which is disappointing. You can preview what each design looks like on both desktop and mobile before making your selection, and they all include customizable default pages. When you select a template, your website will automatically include the basic pages. For example, a restaurant website includes home, menu, blog and contact pages.

Editing Your Website

After you make your design selection, you are ready to create your website. The editing tools with Voog aren't as user friendly as the tools of other website builders. Voog uses a drag-and-drop editing tool, which is the only way you can add content to your pages. We found this rather frustrating as it makes deleting things from your website difficult. The toolbar is displayed at the bottom left-hand side of your website and allows you to select from Content, Files, Blogs, Stats and Other Settings. Content allows you to add things like text, photos, forms, video links and a location map. If the design you selected had a default contact page, a Google map will already be displayed, with the option to customize it with your personal address and phone number.

The Files icon allows you to upload other file formats, such as Microsoft Word documents, and search for files you've previously uploaded. The Blogs icon allows you to create new blog posts directly on Voog. You will already have three default blogs on your website, which you have the option to edit or delete. Creating a new blog will prompt you to enter a title, an excerpt, the body of the blog and add any tags related to that particular post. You can also select whether or not you'd like to enable visitor comments on each blog. Other settings will give you the option to upload a favicon, which is a personalized icon that is displayed next to your domain name in a browser address bar. You can also change the structure of your website, by reordering your pages and renaming your pages. The top right-hand side of the editing page gives you the ability to toggle back and forth between however many pages you've created.

Other Features

While Voog is lacking in many of the features that other website builders offer, including social media options, it shines when it comes to its analytics and multilingual capabilities.

Voog is known for its ability to translate your website into a number of different languages, and unlike its limited options for design templates, it hosts a ton of languages, including Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian, Latvian and Chinese. You have the option to choose whether you'd like your website to display the language options in text or with a flag for that specific country's language. Additionally, you can choose multiple different languages for your website and select whether you'd like a default language, or to have it automatically display a specific language depending on your visitor's location.

Contact and Location
A Contact page is automatically generated with all of Voog's designs, and it syncs with Google Maps. You can delete the page if you'd like, or edit it and select if you want to add a phone number, mailing address, email address and any other links. This seems to be the only option to add social media information, and you're limited to adding a link, instead of buttons or widgets like other website builders offer.

The analytic tool under the Stats section is pretty detailed. You can view an overview, which shows you how many visitors you have right now, how many in the last 24 hours and how many in the last 30 days. An interactive map is displayed below these statistics along with a list of the locations of your visitors. The visitors overview gives you more detailed filters, such as today, week, month, year or all time, and will even detail the browser type your visitors are using when they access your website. The content stats display a breakdown of how many visitors you've had to each individual page on your website, and the sources stat shows you how visitors landed on your site, such as the search engine they used to find your website.

Password Protection
Voog gives you the option to add multiple users on your account, the number of which depends on your plan type — the Standard plan allows for up to three users and the Plus plan gives you an unlimited number of users on a single account. This makes it easy for others to view and edit what you're working on. With this helpful tool, you can also choose whether or not you'd like to add a password to individual pages or to your entire website. This is a really nice feature for those who are doing some heavy web editing and don't want to make their site public yet, or for those who are adding new pages and aren't ready to push those pages live yet. You simply set and select a password and anyone who tries to access that specific page will be prompted to enter that password before they can view it.

Customer Support

You can browse the FAQ page, which isn't super detailed, and take a tour of Voog's features on its support page. You can submit a question directly on your editing page with a pop-up box in the bottom right-hand corner, or access the form from Voog's contact page. An email address and phone number are also displayed here; however, since its headquarters is in Estonia, this is the only phone number it offers for customer support. Unless you want to place an international call, you're better off emailing the support team. Our inquiry was answered within 24 hours and the representative fully answered all of our questions and supplied links to further assist us.


The biggest bonus with using Voog is that it's multilingual, so if you need your website translated into more than one language, it's an excellent option. It is a little sparse in its tools, when compared to other website builders, and not as easy to navigate. It does offer a free 30-day trial so you can test it out; however, if you want more options for templates and other customizable features, you might be better off using a different service.

Compare to Other Website Building Services

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Service Details

Free Trial:30-Day Free Trial
Cheapest Plan:$11/mo or
$8/mo (w/annual plan)
Page Allowance:30 pages
Additional Apps/Features:
Customer Service:Email, phone (international number)

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