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VoIP services can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your phone bills. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and if you're using a high-speed internet connection to view this page, you have just about everything you need to start using one of these services. VoIP technology makes calls the same way your computer sends and receives data, only there's no computer involved, just an adapter or VoIP phone provided by the VoIP service. Using the tremendous capacity of the Internet to send and receive calls allows VoIP companies to avoid passing on the charges associated with traditional telephone services. Your calls come through just as they normally would; the only difference is what you'll be paying. Our VoIP reviews and comparison chart look at the most important differences between the companies. For more information on VoIP services, read our VoIP FAQ.

Updated 02-13-2017

VoIP Comparison Chart

Service Name & RatingPlansSetup Fees$ Back Guarantee & Cancel PolicyPromotionsCountries IncludedBottom Line
VOIPo 2-Year Unlimited: $6.21/mo

Unlimited: $15.00/mo
None30-day money-back guarantee; prorated refund on annual plansFree shipping; no setup fees; 60 minutes of free int'l calling per month; 2 free months of serviceU.S. & Canada Lowest price ($6.21/month) if you pay for 2 years upfront, great sound quality, $0 setup costs, and U.S.-based customer support
Vonage World (unlimited1 to US & 60+ countries): $9.99 first 6 mos., then $27.99/mo* (+ fees & taxes, w/ annual plan2)Free activation, adapter & S&H for annual plan orders30-day money-back guarantee on all plans; early termination fee if annual plan canceled before 1 year$9.99/mo (+ fees & taxes) for first 6 months* of Vonage World (w/ annual plan2), free activation & adapterMore than 60 — see review for full list Included calling to 60+ countries w/ Vonage World, great quality, no set-up fees, money-back guarantee
BroadVoice Unlimited US & Canada (no contract): $8.33/mo ($99.95/yr) prepay or $19.95/mo
Unlimited US & Canada 24-mo contract: $14.95/mo
Unlimited World Plus: $24.95/mo
Free activation; $14.95 S&H30-day money back guarantee on all plans; early termination fee of $39.95 if cancelled after first 30 days of serviceFree activation; 30-day money back guarantee; unlimited calling to 87 countriesMore than 80 — see review for full list International calling as cheap as $24.95/month, no long-term commitment required and every plan includes a variety of free features
1-VoIP Value: $8.97/mo
Unlimited: $17.97/mo
Global: $23.97/mo
Free activation; Free S&HNo cancellation fees; no money-back guaranteeUnlimited calling to 30 countries (Global plan); free adapterMore than 30 — see review for full list Limited international calling plan, but excellent customer service and a great range of features
ViaTalk U.S. Unlimited: $7.87/mo for two years

1200 international minutes: +$8.95/mo
$10.95 S&HFree to cancel within 14 days or prorated refund minus $49.95 disconnection fee per line after 14 days; No refunds on activation or S&H1 year free when you sign up for 2 years;
60 free int'l min/mo
USA & Canada Nice call quality and relatively cheap plan, yet some cancellation problems
Service Name & RatingPlansSetup Fees$ Back Guarantee & Cancel PolicyPromotionsCountries IncludedBottom Line
Ooma Basic: $149.99 upfront equipment fee
Premier: $9.99/mo
International: $17.99/mo or $25.99 for World Plus
None30-day money back guarantee; prorated refund on annual plans60-day free trial of PremierMore than 60 — see review for full list Competitive prices and excellent international plan, but high initial cost and porting fee are off-putting
Axvoice Unlimited: $8.25/mo;

International: $16.58/mo;

International Plus: $29.99/mo
$19.99 S&H15 day money-back guarantee minus S&H and activation fees (if applicable); $39.99 cancellation fee after 15 days within first 12 mo. of annual planFree hardware; discounted annual plansUS and Canada; International plans include 45+, 60+ countries Well-priced, varied plans, but very limited customer service: a mixed bag
Lingo World Unlimited: $19.95/mo

America Unlimited: $14.95/mo

America 500: $9.95/mo
$14.95 S&HNone unless equipment is not returnedFree first month for World Unlimited, America Unlimited;
Free activation & equipment
World Unlimited - U.S. and 45 countries;
America Unlimited: USA and Canada
Solid plans from reliable company, unlimited calling to 45+ countries, disappointing call quality

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