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If you are paying more than $20 per month for your home phone bill, you can save hundreds per year by switching to Internet Phone Service (VoIP). Plans start at under $10 per month for unlimited calling anywhere in the U.S. All plans include voicemail, caller id showing caller's name, call waiting, and many more features like online message playback that traditional phone service can't offer. And you can still use your current phone and phone number. We've tested all these services and picked out the best options on the market today.

VoIP Reviews & Ratings

Services: Our Ratings: Bottom Line:
BasicTalk™ Rating:
At $9.99/month, lowest cost month-to-month domestic home calling plan. $0 setup fees, feature-rich, 24/7 access to extensive online support guides.
VOIPo Rating:
Lowest price ($6.21/month) if you pay for 2 years upfront, great sound quality, $0 setup costs, and U.S.-based customer support
Vonage Rating:
Included calling to 60+ countries w/ Vonage World, great quality, no set-up fees, money-back guarantee
BroadVoice Rating:
International calling as cheap as $19.95/month, no long-term commitment required and every plan includes a variety of free features
1-VoIP Rating:
Limited international calling plan, but excellent customer service and a great range of features
ViaTalk Rating:
Nice call quality and relatively cheap plan, yet some cancellation problems
Ooma Rating:
Competitive prices and excellent international plan, but high initial cost and porting fee are off-putting
Axvoice Rating:
Well-priced, varied plans, but very limited customer service: a mixed bag
Lingo Rating:
Solid plans from reliable company, unlimited calling to 45+ countries with free first month, yet disappointing call quality
Skype Phone Rating:
Cheap plan with pricey phone is the only way to get Skype without a computer; no 911 calling

How Does It Work?

VoIP providers are able to offer you phone service so cheaply by routing your calls through your high speed internet connection. To learn more about VoIP, just visit our FAQ section or check out our most recent VoIP articles and blog posts. If you're ready to make the switch, visit our full VoIP provider comparison to choose the best plan for your needs.
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Unlimited Calling

Don't count minutes with an unlimited Internet telephone calling plan. All of the VoIP services we have reviewed offer unlimited calling plans for domestic calling. In most cases, these unlimited VoIP calling plans cost less than a standard telephone connection. The details of each unlimited calling plan vary, so make sure to read the full review of each provider.
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Business VoIP Services

Whether your business has two people—or two thousand people—you can benefit from the technological advances in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to save money on your phone service. VoIP, which uses your preexisting Internet connection to route telephone calls, is a low-cost, feature-rich phone service for offices of all types and sizes. Business VoIP offers easy phone networking, Internet-enabled voicemail, and virtual office functionality. VoIP phone service will beat traditional phone service on both price and functionality in virtually every scenario. Visit our Business VoIP section to learn more or get quotes from Business VoIP providers using our form below.

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Popular Business VoIP Services

Services: Bottom Line:
Nextiva Office Included toll-free number, fax number, and other features make this a great choice for business VoIP
Ring Central Office Inexpensive plan for 50+ lines, lots of extras including iPhone app and Microsoft Outlook integration
Jive Large feature set, 24/7 support make this a solid choice for small and medium businesses
1-VoIP Customizable plans with a wide range of included features and month-to-month service; good monthly pricing but high start up fees
Vonage Business Solutions No contracts, affordable and reliable service that provides tons of business boosting features for free

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