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Creating a business from scratch can be difficult. With so many elements to focus on, from setting up phones to figuring out your payroll, it can be daunting. NextAdvisor is here to help. We want to give you the tools you need to make your business successful. Our reviews help you make important decisions about the services you need. Our articles guide you in the complicated world of small business. And our deals and discounts give you that extra cash flow every new business needs. If you have any questions, story ideas or suggestions about what services we should review, feel free to contact us here. And good luck starting your business!

Small Business Features

  • 5 Tools You Need to Start Your Business

    Starting a business can be hectic. We show you how you can use some important tools to make things a little easier.
  • 5 Reasons Businesses Are Moving to the Cloud

    Is starting your small business already giving you a headache? Moving some of your basic services to the cloud can help.
  • Why Internet Fax Is Better Than the Old Fax Machine

    Why deal with all the hassle of a traditional fax machine when you can save money and fax more efficiently with Internet Fax.
  • Online Backup Chooser

    Need online backup service for your business but not sure which one to choose? Answer the questions in our Online Backup Chooser and we'll give you the best options to fit your needs.
  • Web Hosting Chooser

    Need a web host for your business but not sure which one to choose? Answer the questions in our Web Hosting Chooser and we'll give you the best options to fit your needs.

NextAdvisor Small Business Blog

Win Big in NextAdvisor's $500 Cash Giveaway
Want some extra cash? How about $500? How to enter NextAdvisor's $500 Cash Giveaway We are giving away $500 cash to one of our lucky readers! To enter, hop over to NextAdvisor's Facebook page and fill out the $500 cash giveaway survey ? be sure to "like" us first! In order to be eligible for [...]

What Are Extensions?
Q: I've notice that all your business VoIP reviews include a number of extensions included in each plan. What does extensions mean? What is the benefit of having more extensions? A: Great question! Extensions refer to the number of physical desk phones you can have in your business. Each phone will have its own number. [...]

What Is BBB?
Q: I've noticed that you mention BBB ratings in several of your reviews, what does that mean? A: BBB stands for Better Business Bureau, a nonprofit organization that works to build marketplace trust by providing "reliability reviews" on businesses. Consumers are welcome to file complaints against businesses, which are visible on the company's BBB profile [...]

The Best Tools To Get Your Home-Based Business Off The Ground
There are myriad challenges in starting a business from your home. Just getting the infrastructure in place to conduct business can seem like a daunting task, much less actually creating a successful operation. Fortunately, the proliferation of cloud services has been a boon to small businesses. Everything from legal services to phone and fax to [...]

Enter the NextAdvisor $500 Giveaway!
Need a little extra spending cash for the summer months? We are giving away a total of $500 to 4 of our lucky Google+ followers! We will be drawing 4 winners over the course of a month. The first winner, picked March 22, will win $50. The second winner, picked on March 29, will win [...]

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