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Creating a business from scratch can be difficult. With so many elements to focus on, from setting up phones to figuring out your payroll, it can be daunting. NextAdvisor is here to help. We want to give you the tools you need to make your business successful. Our reviews help you make important decisions about the services you need. Our articles guide you in the complicated world of small business. And our deals and discounts give you that extra cash flow every new business needs. If you have any questions, story ideas or suggestions about what services we should review, feel free to contact us here. And good luck starting your business!

Small Business Features

  • 5 Tools You Need to Start Your Business

    Starting a business can be hectic. We show you how you can use some important tools to make things a little easier.
  • 5 Reasons Businesses Are Moving to the Cloud

    Is starting your small business already giving you a headache? Moving some of your basic services to the cloud can help.
  • Why Internet Fax Is Better Than the Old Fax Machine

    Why deal with all the hassle of a traditional fax machine when you can save money and fax more efficiently with Internet Fax.
  • Online Backup Chooser

    Need online backup service for your business but not sure which one to choose? Answer the questions in our Online Backup Chooser and we'll give you the best options to fit your needs.
  • Web Hosting Chooser

    Need a web host for your business but not sure which one to choose? Answer the questions in our Web Hosting Chooser and we'll give you the best options to fit your needs.

NextAdvisor Small Business Blog

2 Unexpected Benefits of Using Online Legal Services
Online legal services have long been debated as a legitimate way of engaging in an age-old practice. While it's true that many of the services performed through online legal websites are of the most basic legal documentation variety, it cannot be denied that they are helping countless people save time and money on a lengthy [...]

How VoIP Can Enhance Your Business Communication
The advantages of switching your company to a VoIP service are seemingly endless. While one of the most obvious benefits of VoIP systems is the significant price reduction, especially on long distance calls, these providers go above and beyond to improve communication. The features that these VoIP services employ for business users can easily enhance [...]

3 Business Problems the Cloud Can Fix
Most, if not all businesses these days are weaving the cloud into the structure of their company dynamic. The cloud is not only a safe and secure way to store data and files, but it is allowing businesses to expand their reach by taking advantage of its collaboration and efficiency benefits. When running a business, [...]

How to Keep Your Email Campaigns Out of the Spam Folder
Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your clients and keep them engaged. Though there are some words you should definitely avoid using in your email newsletters, there is no complete list of spam trigger words. Creating a good subject line is one way to improve your open rate, but there [...]

Is Unlimited Web Hosting Really Unlimited?
With so many web hosts today offering unlimited as part of their shared hosting packages, a web newbie might be wondering if it?s legitimate or if the entire industry is trying to deliberately mislead customers. The answer, like many things in life, is not so clear cut. In order to answer this question, a basic [...]

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