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Online college has quickly become a popular vehicle for educational success across the country. Students are drawn to these online universities because they offer so many different choices that cater to the needs of each individual student and their learning style. While some schools are oriented towards meeting the needs of working students, others are best known for their extensive post-graduate employment success rate. With so many different options to choose from, finding the right online college or university can be a daunting task for any prospective student. We've reviewed some of top online schools and and compared them based on a variety of factors, including price, number of degrees and placement ratings. Each of them offers hundreds of different degree programs, so you should be able to earn the degree you're looking for at most of our selected schools. To find a school that fits your needs, check out our reviews below.

Online College Reviews & Ratings

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Services: Our Ratings: Bottom Line:
AIU Online Rating: stars
Great option for most students; top pick for military
Capella University Rating: stars
Good mix of education resources and cost, ideal for working students
Kaplan University Rating: stars
Most areas of specialization and widest financial aid options
Walden University Rating: stars
Best school for advanced degrees, but undergrad offering is less impressive
DeVry University Rating: stars
Unique technology degree programs, good post-graduate employment rate, but focus is more on onsite school
Westwood College Rating: stars
Good alumni support and career focus
South University Rating: stars
Strong career-oriented curriculum, best teachers and class sizes
Liberty University Rating: stars
Good pick for students looking for an inexpensive, faith-based curriculum
Colorado Technical University Rating: stars
Active student community reaches past online limitations

NextAdvisor Online College Blog Headlines

4 Questions to Ask About Your Online Class’ Structure
For the “traditional” college student, most classes generally follow a pattern of listening, taking notes and being tested on the given material. Attending an online college requires students to be a bit flexible in the way that they’re receiving information. That said, prospective online students should take some of the popular online class structure methods […]

3 Ways to Make Applying to Online College Easier
During the first few months of every new year, students are rushing to prepare themselves for the season that is about to hit — college application season. Whether they’re applying to traditional schools or an online university, the application process can be grueling and requires a great deal of focus and effort. For students who […]

3 Ways to Ace Your Online College Exams
Fall is here, and with the cold weather and warm clothes comes the ever-dreaded exam period for college students. Right around Thanksgiving both traditional and online college students must take to the library (or virtual library) and buckle down to put in the necessary study time in order to do well on their final exams. […]

Online College: Continuing Education for Adult Students
Adult students are considered nontraditional when it comes to the standards for earning a college degree. Oftentimes, there are personal situations that keep someone from obtaining a degree at the “normal” ages ranging from 18 to 23. As such, a student above the age of 25 is usually considered to be an adult student. There […]

Did you know?

Thousands of colleges and universities offer online degree programs and courses as an alternative to traditional classroom learning. These programs are an excellent choice for students that want to achieve an advanced degree on their own schedule and even while continuing to work full time. There are many reasons why people choose online college, but some of the most common are to help with career advancement, increase salary and personal enrichment. Learn more below by requesting more information from a school's website or
Click here to view our side-by-side comparison of degree programs, tuition costs and other key features.

What is Online College?

Online college, also known as distance learning or elearning, are degree programs that are completed in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere you have an Internet connection) and at your own pace while still getting all the benefits of traditional classroom learning such as interaction with teachers and peers. If you want to request information directly from schools that offer online college degrees,
Visit our full online college and university comparison to choose the best school for you.

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You could be eligible for more than $170 billion in financial aid. Filing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), is the first step in applying for more than 90% of this money. The FAFSA is the application most colleges use to determine eligibility for federal, state, and college-sponsored financial aid, but it can be very complicated and time consuming to fill out. Student Financial Aid Service simplifies the process and will get you on your way to achieving the financial aid you need for your education.
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