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Great option for most students; top pick for military
Full Review:
5 2014-05-12 13:59:11 AIU Online is the online arm of American InterContinental University, an international university with campuses in the United States, England and the United Arab Emirates. AIU has one of the highest quality educational programs we've reviewed.

Best for: military benefits

Degrees: associate's; bachelor's; master's; MBA

Programs: Business, criminal justice, design, education, fine arts, healthcare management, IT

Undergrad Cost: $302 per credit

Graduate Cost: $442-582 per credit

Post-Graduation Employment:

All AIU graduates can access traditional job placement assistance as well as real-world interview coaching, and 83% of them are hired shortly after graduation. Employers of AIU alumni rate them highly in areas such reasoning and problem solving, communication skills and technical knowledge. 

Financial Aid:

The cost of each degree program is all-inclusive, so you won't be hit with any financial surprises after enrollment. With more than 3,000 active duty military enrolled as students, AIU offers many financial grants and lots of support staff to military members, who also save 10% on tuition. AIU also offers student employment, which includes on- or off-campus federal work-study positions. The school also provides each student with a Financial Aid Advisor who helps explore some of the programs and options available.


AIU's Virtual Campus was recognized as "Best of the Best" in the Education and Academia category of the 2009 Computerworld Honors Program. AIU also uses My Unique Student Experience (M.U.S.E.), an innovative, student-focused course content delivery system, so you can get the information in a way that best fits your lifestyle.


AIU's faculty is well-educated: Every member has both teaching and industry experience as well as multiple degrees. Faculty members are also involved in their industries, belonging to professional organizations like the National Art Education Association, Women in International Trade, and the Modern Language Association.


The cost of your degree program includes all software and course materials. AIU offers a wide variety of educational tools for a simple fee structure, but it's not as cost-effective as, say, Western Governor's University.

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Service Details:

Best for:Military benefits
Degrees:Associate; bachelor's; masters
Programs:Business, criminal justice, design, education, fine arts, healthcare management, IT
Post-Grad Employment:

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