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Best combination of online backup, cloud storage and multi-device sync; free 30-day trial
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5 2015-06-01 14:58:21 [Editor's note: SugarSync is currently offering a 17% discount to users who sign up for an annual plan. No coupon code is necessary, just follow any links to SugarSync from]


SugarSync is the Swiss army knife of online file storage, and while it's more expensive per-gigabyte than the unlimited storage options offered by Mozy or Carbonite, its versatility can't be matched by either.


SugarSync's plans start at $7.49 per month for 60GB. Upgraded plans are also available, ranging up to $24.99 per month for 250GB, where you can also save 30% for a year. For those with small enterprise backup needs, SugarSync offers excellent plans for businesses, starting at $29.99 per month.


Setup is easy: you download the file synchronization manager onto your Mac or PC (or both). After specifying which folders you want to back-up, SugarSync takes care of the rest, automating incremental backups of previously synced documents and newly created ones. Like Mozy and Carbonite, SugarSync gives you web-based access to your backed-up files. SugarSync goes the extra mile by incorporating Facebook photo sharing, multiple computer syncing, and music streaming. It's a great way to not only back up a single computer, but to keep a number of computers synced, whether they're in the same house or in remote locations. It also doesn't matter if they're Macs or PCs; a single license gets you downloads for both. The synchronization manager is well-designed as is the web interface. There are also free Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, and iPhone apps to keep your data truly mobile. The iPhone app is really something, allowing you to stream your remotely stored music, view your documents, and upload your photos right to your SugarSync account (and hence your Mac or PC).

Despite our high praise for the service, two things should be noted about SugarSync. One is that the default backup settings are not nearly as extensive as other online backup services; you will need to manually select non-document folders such as those that contain your system preferences and emails. The second thing to note is that SugarSync cannot back up your Outlook messages or Firefox favorites.

TUTORIAL: How to Sync Folders, Computers Using SugarSync for the PC

In regard to HIPAA compliance: SugarSync does not specify its means of complying with HIPAA regulations. If you want to know what HIPAA is, please visit our FAQ page.

Yearly agreements cut the costs down significantly, essentially giving you two months free. A 30-day free trial will give you time to evaluate whether or not it's worth it. We think that it is; it's rare that we come across a program that does so much more than we expect.

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Service Details:

Cheapest Price:$6.24/mo
(w/ annual plan)
Free Trial/
30-day free trial;
5 GB of storage for free;
Save 17% w/ annual plans;
Gigabytes (GB) of Storage Included:60 GB;
pay extra for more space
# of Computers Backed Up:Unlimited
External Drive Backup:Manual backup only

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