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Online Cloud BackupOnline Cloud Backup

Online Backup ensures that all of your documents, photos, emails and other important files are stored securely online in case of a loss such as a theft or a hard drive crash. These services automatically backup your entire computer periodically, even saving multiple versions of your favorite files. Not only are you ensuring loss prevention, but you will have access to your files anywhere with an Internet connection. If you do lose your files, you are only a couple of clicks away from getting them all back. Our online backup reviews look at the key differences between these providers so you can pick the perfect one for your needs. If you're interested in file syncing and cloud storage, click here.

Online Cloud Backup Reviews & Ratings

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Services: Our Ratings: Bottom Line:
Carbonite Rating: stars
Excellent and comprehensive online backup with easy remote file access, exclusive discount
SugarSync Rating: stars
Best combination of online backup, cloud storage and multi-device sync; free 30-day trial
SpiderOak Rating: stars
Most secure, customizable, streamlined file backup for advanced users
MyPCBackup Rating: stars
File syncing across computers, cloud storage and external drive backup with the option for unlimited backup
SOS Online Backup Rating: stars
Packed with new features, includes 5 computers and local backup; nice interface, savvy mobile apps, and social media backup
LiveDrive Backup Rating: stars
Simple and cheap backup that lets you use unlimited storage space for one computer; nice service for backing things up on the go
Mozy Rating: stars
Great low-cost online backup with exclusive discount; can back up external drives
IDrive Rating: stars
Solid backup with a lot of configurability; no mobile app access or file sharing
ElephantDrive Rating: stars
Solid online backup with file sharing and the ability to back up to 3 computers, though the interface is not the best
Norton Online Backup Rating: stars
Fast and transparent browser-based backup with file sharing; infrequent backup schedule
IBackup Rating: stars
Geared towards businesses; Exchange and SQL backups; compliance for financial, medical companies
Dropbox Rating: stars
Well-priced solution for file sharing and collaborative work; not true automated backup solution

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Don't lose it all

Did you know that an estimated 1-in-10 computer hard drives fail each year resulting in the loss of important files such as financial documents, emails, digital photos and music? Even more people, nearly 43% of all computer users, will lose some of their important files because of other computer or hardware problems. Luckily, this is totally preventable with the use of an online backup service. These services will run automated or manual backups of your computer's hard drive so that if for any reason your files are corrupted or lost they can be recovered as good as new. These services are easy to use, totally secure and will prevent losses in time and money in the event of some sort of file loss.
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How does it work?

Using an online backup service couldn't be easier. In most cases it is as simple as downloading a piece of software on your computer that will automatically run in the background while you computer is turned on. Every time the software runs it checks your computer's hard drive to determine what files have changed and securely stores copies of those files for you so that they can be retrieved in the case of an unforeseen file loss or hard drive failure.
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Why do I need a file backup service?

It is often said that there are two types of people in the world- those that use a hard drive backup service and those that will. Just like your health and auto insurance, online backup is something that you are very happy that you have when you need it. Online backup services store a secure backup of all the important files on your computer's hard drive so that you can retrieve them in case of file loss or corruption. This can be a life saver if your hard drive fails, your computer is stolen or you accidently erase an important file.
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