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Carbonite Review

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Bottom Line:
Excellent and comprehensive online backup with easy remote file access, exclusive discount

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Personal Basic Plan
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Carbonite Discount Total Discount
1-Year: $59.99 0% 0%
2-Year: $113.99 5% 5%
3-Year: $161.99 10% 10%


Carbonite is comprehensive and robust online backup service that will not wow you in terms of special features, but will keep your important files backed up. It's a simple program that runs invisibly in the background. As with all online backup services, the initial backup will take a while. Depending on your Internet connection speed and the amount of data on your hard drive, it could take a day or more. Your computer is completely usable during this time, but you'll need to keep it on and connected. Subsequent backups will take less time as Carbonite will only need to save new files and previously backed-up files that have changed.


Carbonite offers unlimited storage for a single computer for $59.99 per year, roughly $4.99 per month. Two- and three-year subscriptions can bring the price down to an equivalent of $4.75 per month. Unlimited backup is a great deal, but note that Carbonite limits you to backing up a single computer. If you'd like to backup multiple computers, you need to purchase a subscription for every computer you need to backup.


By default, Carbonite backs up your documents, email, photos, and music. We like that Carbonite takes care of emails automatically, since many online backup services don't, requiring the user to manually locate these files and add them to a backup schedule. However, it won't back up files larger than 4GB unless you tell it to.

File Syncing

Carbonite's latest addition to their online backup service is their new syncing technology Currents. The Currents add-on works like a cloud storage system, allowing for the access and updating of stored files from any location across multiple devices. Currents is currently available on both Mac and PC, as well as the iPhone and Android phones. The desktop and mobile apps have a very intuitive design, making them extremely easy to setup and use. One of the best features of Currents is its ability to continually save any changes made to documents, keeping the file up to date at all times. Currents also keeps a 30 day backup of all files and their changes. This way, if a mistake is made or a file becomes lost or corrupted, you have the ability to rollback to a previous version. The Currents service will not be installed when initially setting up the Carbonite backup system; users need to go to to try out the service for free.

Restore & Remote File Access

In the event of a crash or any other data loss, you simply use the downloadable Carbonite InfoCenter to restore your lost data. But Carbonite's usefulness goes beyond disaster recovery. While we generally talk about an online backup service as a remedy for catastrophic data loss, there's another feature users will love and use much more often, and that's versioning. Carbonite will automatically save up to twelve versions of every file you back up. This allows you to roll back to a previous iteration of any file to recover lost changes. It's like the ultimate "undo." Anyone who's ever made unalterable changes to a large text or graphics file will recognize the value in this feature.

TUTORIAL: How to Restore Your Computer with Carbonite for the Mac

Carbonite can also be used to access files from any computer that has an Internet connection. Simply log in to the remote access section of and you'll see all your files, just as you would if you were looking at your hard drive (minus the programs). It's a good feature, and it's one you'll find with many online backup services, although it's not as evolved as it is in a product like SugarSync. You can't, for instance, use it to securely share files with others. They're for your eyes only. A small knock against an otherwise great service.

In regard to HIPAA compliance: As a Business Associate, Carbonite contains all of the necessary security features to protect data that is transmitted to and from its servers. Carbonite follows strict guidelines and supports regulatory compliance requirements for its Pro Plan and Server Plan Customers. If you want to know what HIPAA is, please visit our FAQ page.


For pure online backup, Carbonite is a great bargain. While it may not have all the fancy features other online backup providers have, the setup is simple, fuss free, and comprehensive. You'll just set it and forget it—until the day you need to restore your files.

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Service Details

Cheapest Price:$4.47/mo
(w/ 3 year plan)
Free Trial/
0% off 1 yr;
5% off 2 yrs;
10% off 3 yrs
Gigabytes (GB) of Storage Included:Unlimited
# of Computers Backed Up:1;
add'l subscription per add'l computer
External Drive Backup:No

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