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Bottom Line:
Simple yet effective no-frills online backup; good choice for small to mid-size companies
Full Review:
Carbonite is a solid online backup service that will keep your important work files for your small business backed up with little fuss and no interference. Opposite from Carbonite's home backup, the business plan allows you to back up an unlimited number of computers and has a base storage cap of 250 GB. Of course you can add more space as you go, for a fee. As it allows an unlimited number of users and a fairly large base storage amount, this service is great for small and even mid-sized companies — they recommend it for those with up to 50 employees. It is highly intuitive and smoothly takes you through all the steps needed to backup you and your employees' important business documents. Though this service is great for both Mac and PC users, you will see in this review that PC users get a few more perks out of it. Try it out with their free 30-day trial.

Setup & Initial Backup

After registering, Carbonite's admin dashboard will open. Here you can choose to download the program or start inviting other users to install it on their computers. You can invite as many users as you want, just remember that storage is pooled, so make sure no one person uses up too much space. When you send the invite, they will get a download link in their email.

Each employee's or computer's initial backup will take a while and vary according to Internet connection speed and the amount of data they're backing up. Computers will be usable during initial backup, but they need to stay on and connected or the backup will be interrupted. As with most online backup services, later backups generally take less time. While many services do not automatically back up your email, Carbonite's default setting backs up your documents, email, photos, and music. You can also choose the "advanced" backup option, where you can choose exactly what you backup and when you backup (online PC users can do scheduled backups). In the advanced option you can even manage your own encryption key if you are a PC user; unfortunately Mac users cannot do this yet. Backing up files and folders as you go is also easy on the PC, just right click and select Carbonite in the context menu. If you need to backup servers, Business Premier backs up servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2011. You may back up as many servers with these operating systems as will fit within your storage limit.

Administrator Access

Administrators have special access to the online dashboard. Here you can manage other users' backups with options that include resetting a user's password, preventing user sign-in, deleting the user, stopping backups and more. You can also see account summaries and check how much account space each person has used.

Web Access

One of the biggest perks of online storage, other than keeping your files safe at all times, is that employees can use Carbonite business to access files from any computer with an Internet connection. This is extremely useful especially for remote or traveling employees. They can log into the remote access section of Carbonite's website and see the files. Unfortunately, Carbonite Business lacks file sharing features that other services like SugarSync for business boast about.


When you or your employees lose data, they can use the desktop application, the InfoCenter, to restore. Carbonite also allows versioning, automatically saving up to twelve versions of every file. That way, you can return to a previous version of any file if you want to save some lost changes.

To restore files on the Mac, simply click the Carbonite icon in the navigation bar and click preferences. From there just select the restore button and choose exactly what you want to restore. On the PC, go into the Carbonite InfoCenter and hit restore. There will be a couple of options to choose from, including the option to restore all files. If you ever have any questions, especially in a time of computer crash panic, not to fear because Carbonite has one of the most extensive support sections that we have seen, directly on their site.


As stated before, rather than unlimited storage priced by computer backed up, you'll pay by storage space with an unlimited number of computers. When you pay up front for the yearly plan of $229/year, Carbonite Business will cost you about $19.08 per month. Business Premier, which has features like server backup and includes a base storage allowance of 500 GB, is a bit more costly at $599/year, which comes out to $49.92 a month.

In regard to HIPAA compliance: Online backup services cannot legally state that they are officially HIPAA compliant. However, Carbonite contains all of the security features to protect data that is transmitted to and from their servers. Carbonite follows strict guidelines to meet factors that go into HIPAA compliance. If you want to know what HIPAA is, please visit our FAQ page.


For small business online backup, companies with less than 50 people will find that Carbonite is a great value. It's simple and automatic until the day you need to restore lost files, which also cannot get any easier. Business Premier even backs up your servers, making it indispensable for small businesses who use Microsoft server technology. Though the service lacks some handy file sharing features, simple and intuitive administrative controls make it effortless to manage the backup system and make sure that nothing important ever gets lost. Try the 30-day free trial today and at the end Carbonite will recommend which of their business plans is right for you based on your usage.

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Service Details:

Lowest Price:$19.08/mo
(w/ annual plan)
Free Trial/
30-day free trial
Gigabytes (GB) of Storage Included:250 GB;
pay extra for more storage
Number of Computers Backed Up:Unlimited
Number of Users:Unlimited
Server Backup:Yes with BusinessPremier;

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