Online Legal Services

Updated 02-26-2015

The law is complicated and hard for many of us to understand, but not all of us can afford a lawyer every time we have a legal issue. Enter online legal services. These sites provide legal assistance for far less than a physical lawyer would cost, and in most cases are easier to understand. Whether you need to start a business or fill out your will, these services can help you prep the documentation and file all the paperwork with the correct government agency. So which online legal services are the best at helping you with your legal issues? We've ranked them below based on usefulness, cost, variety of features and support.

Online Legal Services

Services: Our Ratings: Bottom Line:
LegalZoom Rating:stars
Best site for beginners; easy-to-understand interface walks you through complicated legalese; more expensive but worth it
Rocket Lawyer Rating:stars
Comprehensive features and options; interface makes filling out forms easy; membership pricing is best for those who need ongoing legal help
BizFilings Rating:stars
Top site for business-related offerings; simple, consistent interface and competitive pricing
CorpNet Rating:stars
Only business-related offerings; extremely helpful and easy customer service; cheaper than other major sites
US Legal Forms Rating:stars
Best for those who know exactly what they are looking for and want do-it-yourself forms; largest variety of forms
MyCorporation Rating:stars
Limited services, even for a business-focused site; interface is clean, but sometimes confusing
LawDepot Rating:stars
Robust list of features is severely hindered by a complicated, glitchy interface

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Legal Services

Why Are Online Legal Services so Popular?

More and more, people are turning to online legal services instead of lawyers to help with their legal issues, but what makes these legal services more attractive than the traditional lawyer? Well, for starters, they are more convenient. The websites' streamlined interfaces allow people to get the legal help they need with just a few clicks of the mouse. And on average, they cost a lot less than lawyers who often charge by the hour. They also offer a wide range of documents and forms that are easily searchable, so you don't need to spend hours or days tracking down a specific lawyer to fit your needs. Convenience, cost and accessibility make legal services a better alternative to the traditional lawyer.

How We Tested These Legal Services

We focused on two of the most popular options: forming a business and registering a trademark. We walked through the interface for each and answered all the questions to receive our own personalized document for each category. In addition, we tested all the general areas of the sites, which included downloading documents, accessing the forums, reading any advice articles and walking through as many different services as we could. We also tested each of the different customer service options, asking both technical and legal questions to each of the services. Our reviews and rankings are based on many key components of each site including how user-friendly is the site, how many features the site offered and the customer service options in both technical and legal advice. We ranked the sites based on the combination of all of these tests.

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