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5 Patriotic Films to Commemorate Memorial Day
Memorial Day weekend is a time for vacations, camping trips, picnics and family BBQs. But it's more than a Monday free from work or school. This holiday was created to honor those who've risked and lost their lives serving the country's armed forces. We've put together a list of five classic Amer...

Chase Slate Adds No Penalty APR Feature
Chase Slate, our No. 1 ranked Balance Transfer card, just added a great new feature. Now cardholders will no longer see their interest rate increase if they pay late for any reason. Many cards impose a penalty APR after just one late payment, but Chase Slate will never increase your APR for late ...

2015 Travel Rewards Credit Card Analysis Results
Earning points and miles with a travel rewards credit card can be confusing. How can you know how much these rewards are actually worth? We've decided to take the guessing out of travel rewards by investigating the value of major travel rewards cards. Our 2015 Travel Rewards Credit Card Analysis ...

Discover Freeze it Helps Keep Your Card Safe
If you've been watching TV in the last couple of weeks, you've probably seen a commercial for the cool new Discover Freeze it feature. It lets current Discover cardholders quickly and temporarily "freeze" their card account using their computer or smartphone app, thereby preventing new purchases,...

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Lending Club
Since 2007, Lending Club has offered an alternative to traditional banking with a peer-to-peer lending system. The service enables borrowers to connect with multiple investors to receive the money [...]

He Said/She Said Ratings We took two volunteers, a man and a woman, and had them sign up for [...]

BankAmericard® Credit Card
The BankAmericard® Credit Card is a strong choice for anyone who wants to save on interest charges for purchases and balance transfers. With a 0% Introductory APR for 15 billing cycles for [...]

BankAmericard Travel Rewards® Credit Card
The BankAmericard Travel Rewards® Credit Card makes earning and redeeming travel rewards easy and offers a great incentive to become a Bank of America® customer if you aren't one already. [...]

BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Credit Card
The BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Credit Card is a great cash back card that also lets cardholders save money with a 0% Introductory APR for 12 billing cycles for purchases and for any balance [...]

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