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How to Avoid the Payday Loan Debt Cycle
Emergencies happen whether we plan for them or not ? that's why they're called emergencies. When your car breaks down or an illness lands you in the doctor's office, your financial situation can go from precarious to dire in an instant. This is especially true for low-income households, which oft...

Net Nanny vs. WebWatcher: Which is Best for Mobile Monitoring?
It seems that everyone these days owns a smartphone ? even our children. With the Internet right at the tips of their fingers, it's a little concerning to think about what your children may be getting into when they?re using their smartphone or tablet. Although some may try to be proactive when i...

Jimmy John's and Signature Systems Inc. Breach Confirmed
Sandwich lovers across the country, take heed: popular chain Jimmy John's has just confirmed it suffered a data breach over the summer. After an investigation, which began on July 30, 2014, the company announced on September 24th that more than 200 of its 2,000 stores nationwide were compromised ...

Social Media and Your Reputation: What You Need to Know
Did you do anything fun this weekend? Maybe you had a little too much fun at the after-work happy hour on Friday, and now the whole office knows because someone tagged you in a Facebook photo. Everyone likes to cut loose on the weekend, but what you do in your free time is hard to [...]

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Discover it® chrome for Students with $20 CashBack Bonus
Discover it® chrome for Students with $20 CashBack Bonus will earn you cash back rewards for the purchases you're probably already making and you'll enjoy a $20 cash back bonus after making a [...]

Ink Plus® Business Card
The Ink Plus® Business Card is a good choice for businesses who enjoy earning rewards for their purchases. Cardholders will earn 5x points on the first $50K spent at office supply stores and on [...]

Discover it® Card - Balance Transfer
The Discover it® - Balance Transfer card is a good fit for consumers who would like to transfer a high interest balance to a 0% APR account for 18 months and still have the opportunity to earn [...]

Nextiva Office
Nextiva is one of the biggest VoIP companies, and it boasts an impressive portfolio of customers, including Burger King, Allstate, IBM, and Target. Don't let that roster of big companies scare you [...]

Discover it® chrome for Students
The Discover it® chrome for Students will earn you cash back rewards for the purchases you're probably already making, plus there is a 6-month 0% intro APR on all purchases. You'll enjoy 2% cash [...]

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