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Hilton and Trump Hotel Breaches: What You Need to Know
If you thought credit card breaches were limited to restaurants and retail stores, you were unfortunately mistaken. Cybersecurity blogger Brian Krebs has written about numerous hotel chain credit card breaches over the past year, including Mandarin Oriental and White Lodging, and he has now added...

Online Dating and Introverts: Tips to Help You Find Your Match
Dating takes a certain level of bravery, both online and off. For introverted people, that can make the process a bit more stressful as their personalities naturally encourage them to shy away from situations that remove them from their comfort zone. Online dating is a great way to remedy those d...

3 Ways to Organize Your Family Research
Starting and maintaining genealogical research can be an intimidating task, especially when it comes to keeping up with all of your family research, photos and historical records. That's why staying organized is key — you don't want to waste time looking for documents that could be spent on valua...

Classic Book Titles Available for Your Listening Enjoyment
You can find an audiobook for just about any niche reader. Whether you're into sci-fi, romance, historical retellings or religious education, you're almost guaranteed to be able to find the right book for your listening pleasure. For those who aren't as keen on the trendy or up-and-coming literat...

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Paper Culture
See current deals and discounts [Editor's Note: Paper Culture is offering 15% off any order to NextAdvisor visitors. No coupon code required, but you must click on [...]

See current deals and discounts Minted is among the pricier options we've reviewed, but you definitely get what you pay for with easy-to-use customization tools, cool [...]

IDShield Identity Theft Protection
IDShield is an identity theft protection service from LegalShield. It includes complete good name restoration by licensed professional investigators from Kroll, which is something you won't find with [...]

MetLife Defender
[Editor's Note: MetLife Defender is offering a 10% discount on its monthly and annual plans to visitors. There is no coupon code required to take advantage of [...]

See current deals and discounts Originally an independent company, Cardstore was acquired by American Greetings Corporation in 2010, and today their site offers a [...]

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