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Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S., with more than 13 million victims each year. Just being careful isn't enough to protect your identity. If you are serious about protecting yourself from identity theft, sign up for one of our recommended identity theft protection services. They all provide daily monitoring of the information that is most often compromised by identity thieves. Our top-rated services combine multiple types of monitoring, such as credit reports, public records, credit cards and social security number. Some also include software to protect your computer and even throw in access to your credit scores. Have more questions about identity theft and which service might be best for you? Visit our FAQs.

Updated 10-20-2016

Identity Theft Protection Comparison Chart

Service Name / RatingPriceFraud MonitoringID Theft Insurance/
Reports DeliveredComputer SecurityBottom Line
Identity Guard® Total Protection® Free 30-day trial & 25% discount (all plans); $14.99/mo individual;
$22.99/mo couple;
$24.99/mo family
Monitors 3-bureau credit reports, credit cards, public records, SSN, bank accounts, applications, Internet security$1,000,000 insurance3 bureau credit scores and a public record report each quarterZoneAlarm Internet security suite; anti-keylogging software; ID Vault software Most complete identity theft protection service we reviewed; 3-bureau credit report monitoring; credit report/score updates every quarter; 25% discount & free 30-day trial
AARP Identity Theft Protection from TrustedID an Equifax Company Free 14-day trial & special AARP price; $9.16/mo (paid annually)Monitors 3-bureau credit reports, bank accounts, credit cards, SSN, public records, social media$1,000,000 service warrantyEquifax credit reports & scores monthly; Transunion, Experian credit reports & scores annuallyNone Comprehensive identity theft protection and credit report monitoring for AARP members and family; monthly Equifax credit reports and scores; special AARP price & free 14-day trial
LifeLock Ultimate Plus® Free* 30-day trial; $24.75/mo** (w/annual prepay & our 10% discount) Monitors 3-bureau credit reports, applications, credit cards, SSN, driver's license, address change, credit card and bank account activity, investment accounts, sex offender registry, court records$1,000,000 guarantee****Equifax credit scores monthly; 3-bureau credit reports & scores annuallyNone Thorough identity theft protection and 3-bureau credit report monitoring; annual 3-bureau credit reports and scores; monthly Equifax credit scores; somewhat costly even with 10% discount; free* 30-day trial
PrivacyGuard 30-day trial for $1; $14.99/mo (after our 25% discount)Monitors 3-bureau credit reports, Internet security, SSN, bank account numbers, debit/credit cards$1,000,000 insuranceAll 3 bureau reports & scores monthlyNorton Internet Security 2014 Solid credit protection with monthly credit report/score updates as well as social security and financial account monitoring; 30-day trial for $1; includes computer protection software from Norton
CSID Protector Plus $9.99/moMonitors 3-bureau credit reports, public records, credit cards, SSN, bank accounts, driver's license, passports, medical IDs, address change, payday loan applications, sex offender registry, court records, emails, phone numbers$1,000,000 insuranceTransUnion credit report monthlyNone Offers 3-bureau credit report monitoring and monthly TransUnion credit report; extensive information monitoring; relatively cheap prices but family plan only covers one adult instead of two
Service Name / RatingPriceFraud MonitoringID Theft Insurance/
Reports DeliveredComputer SecurityBottom Line
myFICO Ultimate 3B Credit and Identity Monitoring $27.42/mo (paid annually); No free trialMonitors 3-bureau credit reports, credit cards, public records, SSN, bank accounts, driver's license, passports, medical IDs, address change, payday loan applications$1,000,000 warranty3-bureau credit scores updated in real-time; 3-bureau credit reports quarterlyNone Strong identity monitoring paired with comprehensive, 3-bureau FICO score monitoring; on the pricey side
LifeLock Advantage® Free* 30-day trial; $16.50/mo** (w/annual prepay & our 10% discount)Monitors credit and debit cards, SSN, driver's license on Internet black market and address change verification$1,000,000 guarantee****None, unless plan is upgradedNone Valuable identity theft protection and customer support for an affordable price, yet lacks in terms of credit report monitoring; 10% discount & free* 30-day trial
IDShield Identity Theft Protection $9.95/moMonitors TransUnion credit report, credit/debit cards, emails, phone numbers, SSN, bank accounts, driver's license, passport, insurance cards, change of address$5,000,000 service guaranteeNoneNone Complete restoration assistance from Kroll Advisory Solutions; frustrating user experience and poor customer service; limited credit monitoring
ProtectMyID 7-day trial for $1; $19.95/moMonitors Experian credit report, credit cards, SSN, address changes, public records$1,000,000 insuranceOne Experian credit reportNone An expensive option that lacks in protection; only includes Experian credit report monitoring; 7-day trial for $1 with enrollment; credit score and other credit reports cost extra

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