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Your home's security is something you should take seriously. There are a wide variety of services out there that offer great protection, but sometimes it can be hard finding the right service for your home. To aid you in your search for the perfect service, we signed up for and tested some of the best security systems on the market. Taking into account factors such as price, installation and equipment, we were able to see how each service stacked up against each other. Check out our reviews below to learn more about each individual service and which one best fits you and your home.

Home Security Reviews & Ratings

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Services: Our Ratings: Bottom Line:
Frontpoint Rating: stars
Great all around service and price. Some of the most helpful and friendly customer service we have experienced.
Protect America Home Security Rating: stars
Great service with no startup costs and a reasonable monthly plan. Offers great equipment and features for the price.
SimpliSafe Security Rating: stars
Good service with all your basic needs and no long term commitments. Lacks some advanced features.
Vivint Rating: stars
A bit pricey, but you get a lot more features than most other security systems offer.
ADT Home Security Rating: stars
ADT is a good all-around service but falls short in its steep prices and less-than-perfect customer service.
Guardian Protection Services Rating: stars
Good all around service. Offers affordable protection, upgradeable features and 24/7 monitoring. Not offered in all areas of the country.

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Landline vs. Cellular

It used to be that all security systems were hooked up through your phone's landline, which automatically called the police when your alarm was triggered. Eventually, criminals figured out they could cut the main phone wire in order to bypass many alarm systems. With advancements in technology, cellular control panels were introduced. These days, when a burglar tries to cut the landline, your system will not be disconnected. Your house will stay protected and connected to the monitoring center at all times. All of the security systems that we reviewed offer some sort of cellular or wireless package, so when looking for an option for your home, make sure to keep that in mind.

Self Install vs. Company's Technician

You may be wondering whether self-install systems are comparable to systems installed by a company's technician. The answer is yes, because in most cases companies that require technicians to come out to your home are doing this to ensure that the system is properly installed and working. When doing a self install, you do run the inherent risk of installing the equipment improperly, which may be costly in the event of a break in. However, we found that the self-install services we tested were incredibly easy to install and provided clear, thorough instructions on how to install the entire system. If you feel comfortable with your installation capabilities, self installation may save you a few dollars. If you are not sure about installation, we recommend you go with a company-installed system.

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